Business Automotive

Contract Manufacturing

  • We have the manufacturing area with the experienced technicians to manufacturer Truck container, trailer, Tippers, tankers and cabins.
  • Our team got the capability to provide the documentations for approvals.
  • We have the team for homologation, R&D and other allied testing facilities.
  • Also, we support our customer with integrated service solutions.

Aggregates/Spares Trading

  • We are the dealers of various axle, suspension, ABS, air suspension, pumps and PTO manufacturers.
  • We also got our own branded GTS axle, suspension and its parts.
  • We are supplying to most of the tankers and special application products.

Integrated Truck Service

  • We got the separate team to service the vehicles along with maintaining the special application vehicles such as Tankers, firefighting vehicles, caravans etc.,
  • We are also the authorised service dealer for the special application builders.

E- Vehicle Assembly

We got a team to handle the electric vehicle requirements includes sourcing, homologation, testing and got to market strategies.

  • We have the facility to export the automotive conglomerates / accessories to various countries.
  • We are also helping the various OEMs to find out the source of the various products with the technical support.
General trading
  • All imports and exports out of India, facilitation of trade globally on all product range with value addition.
Fire and safety business
  • We are the dealers of active and passive fire protection systems. Our expertise team registered as vendors with various builders/ consultants to install and certify the protections.
  • Our team got the capability to provide the passive / active fire solutions to customers.