End User components

System Integration

System Integration

End User components

  • Thin Client & VDI

    Why to by complete PC systems when you can get Virtual Desktop Infrastructure of any configuration or type as per your business need. Yes, with our “Thin Client and VDI” solution you can get robust, flexible and reliable end user systems of any number any type and for any location worldwide. You can even use your existing PCs to access virtual network as wll to saves hardware upgrade cost and maintenance cost. While access VDI, most crucial part is to decide which PCs to use and what is the best desired configuration. Our think client increases PC life, enhance security, and streamline device management by transforming existing IT assets like PC into efficient Virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI) endpoint devices.

  • PA System

    PA system are very crucial during a stage announcement or any other corporate event. PA system is a collection of audio equipment which allows broadcasting of your announcement over a designated area. GTS Public Address system offers great scalability and configuration options to broadcast the audio to masses. These PA systems operates over IP networks and provide flexibility to design area specific PA systems.

  • Laptop & Desktops

    Layout also provides Laptops and Desktops with required configuration based on business need. We have laptops/desktops with different RAM configuration, hard disk size, processor, screen size etc.

  • Tab & IPAD

    Digitalization empowers data accessibility. We provide Tabs and IPADs for organization on custom budget with required configuration.

  • Printer

    Layout provides costs effective printers based on clients’ needs. We provide business printers (black/white and coloured prints) for small, mid and large sized organizations.

  • Scanner

    We provide portable and fast scanners with latest technology which scans every document clearly and on the go.