Accelerating Digital Transformation

Globally, the banking industry is changing at a fast pace. GTS is geared up to meet the new technological challenges. This sectoral shift will help digital banks to remain competitive, increase productivity, profit margin and customer user experience. Banks have started to focus more on operational efficiency, persona-centric experience management platforms, risk management systems, and non-interest earnings. To meet these demands of the banking industry, GTS stands ready to offer flexible, dynamic, and innovative solutions.

At GTS, we believe in creating ground-breaking products & services by offering new values on a global level. Our focus on innovation along with our skilled and experienced professionals helps to bring digital transformation in the banking sector. Digital transformation is essential in banking to understand the customers, effectively connect with them and fulfil their digital needs. Our deep domain expertise in intellectual property-based banking products & solutions helps global financial institutions to meet their business needs. With solutions offered across 30 countries and over 150 clients, GTS banking solutions and services meet local regulation compliance. Our deep technical capabilities help to craft solutions across emerging technologies like RPA, Digital Kiosk, AI and BI.

Product Engineering & Development Solutions

GTS develops digital solutions that cater to the needs of the Banking Industry. Several of our IPR based products are in production in several banks across the world.

Why choose GTS?

There’s more than one reason to choose our Cloud Solutions for your business.