Project Management – Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control & Close

With the rapid growth in technology, the importance of project management too, has increased exponentially. Be it the tasks required of a project manager or the knowledge needed to perform these tasks. Project management is becoming increasingly important.

In the past, project management consisted mainly of collecting metrics and project data for evaluation, then making adjustments in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

In todays’ world, project management – “Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control & Close” is key. GTS understands the rollout methods, the needs of implementation, the requirement of skill & training and of the documentation, along with the understanding of different cultures – to successfully accomplish the requirements for our clients. Additionally, localizing resources and establishing trained partners, everywhere, allows GTS to be “virtually available anywhere”, for each region.

Network deployments & roll outs are very challenging task for any organization. With involvement of several stakeholders, GTS has developed extensive experience in deploying networks and infrastructure. In addition, strong program and project management skills ensure cost-effective network implementation, which results in faster time-to-market, while getting it right the first time, every single time.

GTS suite of deployment services covers every aspect from field engineering, project engineering and equipment installation, to traffic integration, test and turn-up, and cut-over. Detailed engineering is key to network deployment and doing it right up front saves money and time.

In addition to these key services, GTS provides project management – to drive the schedules and budget, resolve performance issues as they occur, as well in solving tough technical and logistical challenges.

  • Planning & Coordination
  • Resources Management – Men & Material
  • Deployment – Installation & Configuration
  • Logistics
  • Employee training – In-house or on-site
  • Effective reporting
  • Knowledge transfer